fredag den 13. april 2018

Syv testprincipper - men ikke fra ISTQB

Principle 1: Definition

To test a program is to try to make it fail.

Principle 2: Tests versus specs

Tests are no substitute for specifications.

Principle 3: Regression testing

Any failed execution must yield a test case, to remain a permanent part of the project’s test suite.

Principle 4: Applying oracles

Determining success or failure of tests must be an automatic process.

Principle 4 (variant): Contracts as oracles

Oracles should be part of the program text, as contracts. Determining test success or failure should be an automatic process consisting of monitoring contract satisfaction during execution.

Principle 5: Manual and automatic test cases

An effective testing process must include both manually and automatically produced test cases.

Principle 6: Empirical assessment of testing strategies

Evaluate any testing strategy, however attractive in principle, through objective assessment using explicit criteria in a reproducible testing process.

Principle 7: Assessment criteria

A testing strategy’s most important property is the number of faults it uncovers as a function of time.

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