onsdag den 15. juni 2011

World Quality Report - Sogeti - Del 1

Sogeti har netop lanceret den seneste version af World Quality Report, og der peges på følgende top 10 tips til at forbedre virksomhedernes kvalitetssikring og test:

1.    QA Professionals: Make sure you use well rounded Quality Assurance (QA) professionals with deep understanding of testing, development and industry specific domain knowledge

2.    Test metrics and ROI: Set up formalized QA measurement programs and metrics using a language that the business can understand. Make sure you align these metrics to business goals to measure clear ROI.

3.    Reporting tools and ROI: Use automated reporting tools to collect, analyze and publish your metrics to ensure accuracy and real time usage and make sure you continuously monitor ROI.

4.    Test methodology: Use industry standard methodologies that are continuously developed and improved by industry experts to industrialise your approach and minimize the cost of developing one internally. Document and publish your company’s QA methodology and communicate to all stakeholders any changes.

5.    Test Data Management: Develop a formalized test data management process and use automated tools to minimize human errors in use and reuse of the data.

6.    Cloud: Get your QA organization to be ready for the increased use of cloud computing by investing in the development of performance and security testing skills. Best practice is to develop a specific Cloud Test Strategy. Make sure you leverage Cloud possibilities to facilitate QA

7.    Early involvement in Software Delivery Lifecycle: Get involved in application security discussions in the earlier phase of application development such as design or requirements definition (in Capgemini/Sogeti terms – achieving PointZERO®).

8.    Work with Development: Align with and gain support from development teams achieve inbuilt QA and ensure the long term success of your team.

9.    QA organization: Determine a clear approach to the organization of QA, directly related to business drivers, such as in-house or co-located (combined with external suppliers) Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoEs) and outsourcing. When going for outside sourcing, think about specific KPIs that are related to your business goals.

10.  Consider automated testing. There is a lot of room improvement with respect to the use of automation that can considerably improve QA accuracy.

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