onsdag den 15. juni 2011

World Quality Report - Sogeti - Del 2

Nedenstående er konklusionen for det nordiske område i Sogeti's World Quality Report.

The Nordic Region (Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark)

·     High QA maturity mainly within larger companies
QA is well established in many major organizations today in the Nordic Region, with formalized test organizations, supporting budgets and is a recognized profession with dedicated resources. In smaller companies, however, the testing focus is much more erratic.

·         Mixed maturity in applying automation
With regard to manual test execution, 22% of respondents from the Nordics suggest that their companies run between 81-100% of their tests manually. A good indication of the mixed maturity level in this region is the fact that in contrast 19% of respondents appear to have embraced automation with only a small portion of their tests (0-10%) conducted manually.

Limited adoption of Cloud and SaaS

Over half (52%) of Nordics respondents say that none of their software licenses are used through a SaaS model – compared to 27% across the rest of Europe and North America, suggesting that the Nordic companies prefer to purchase licenses for unlimited use.

Looking to the cloud, 20% of Nordic respondents indicate plans for hosting between 11% and 25% of their applications in the cloud over the next year, less than the European average of 36%. Moreover, a quarter of European respondents indicate they will host between 26-50% of their applications on the cloud, compared to 13% in the Nordics.

Over a third (35%) of Nordic organizations declare that they would not use the cloud, compared to 13% across Europe, yet we believe that leveraging SaaS-model and cloud-based hosting would help Nordic countries to cut QA costs at the bottom line.

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